Peak Pups™

Our Story

A happy dog equals a happy home, and the quest to make one very special dog happy and healthy is how Peak Pups came into being.

Tristan Before Trying Peak Pups

(above) A picture of our poor buddy Tristan when he was suffering in pain.

When Tristan, our founder Arthur’s Labrador mix, began suffering joint pain and mobility issues at age 11, the journey began. Tristan was Arthur’s life! He wanted him to be healthy, joyful and free. Having given Arthur and his family nothing but love since joining them at just eight weeks old, he deserved more out of life than lying in a heap of sadness and pain every day. Where were the walks? Where was the running around the park with friends? The poor old guy just wasn’t up to it, and when he did try to move, his limp was heartbreaking.

His owners decided that now, more than ever, was the time to give all that love back to him with interest. After trying fish oils, prescribed medications and diet changes, they were back at the vet. The diagnosis: Tristan’s best bet was surgery, but it came with a price tag of $6,000 and no guarantee of success. All everyone wanted was for Tristan to be able to enjoy his golden years, running and playing as he used to. Surgery didn’t seem like the way to get him there.

That’s when they decided to give the natural approach a solid go before trying surgery. Over the next three to four months they tested two carefully selected natural ingredients, turmeric and glucosamine, added to Tristan’s food once a day. Glucosamine is known for promoting joint health, while turmeric is anti-inflammatory and used to ease arthritis.

The results were incredible, and arrived quickly! Soon Tristan began to regain his vitality and vigor for life. The limp disappeared from his walk and he was back to his happy old self! As his mobility increased, his activity levels reached an all-time high. He was running and jumping with joy again, just like when he was a little pup. Once again he was part of the pack, living his best life thanks to these natural ingredients.

Tristan After Using Peak Pups

(above) A picture of a much happier Tristan after we helped to clear up his joint pain.

Eventually all animals must cross the rainbow bridge, but for Tristan that time came at age 15, which is a ripe old age for a dog of his genetic mix. Best of all, though, is that the natural supplements made those four good years. Tristan sure showed us how the golden years can shine!

And that’s why we created Peak Pups and our Walk Easy Chews: for Tristan and all the others like him out there. We wanted to return the love, because each dog deserves to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed at any life stage.


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